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Crowd-sourcing Recipes of the Apocalypse

I am currently creating a website for “The Change,” the series of which Stranger is the first. Food features prominently in the series, and I’d like to have some recipes on the site.

Since I know a number of you cook, I invite you to create a recipe from the book. If you’re interested, pick an item (or as many as you like) from below the cut, create a recipe, ideally photograph the result, and write out the recipe. I will put it on the site and credit you under whatever name you like. I’m fine with multiple recipes for the same dish, so more than one person can pick the same dish. No payment, so only do this if it sounds fun. And please feel free to link if you have friends who might have fun with this.

Depending on how geeky you want to get, this is after the apocalypse in Los Angeles, so in the book, all ingredients are either locally grown or imported from the surrounding area. Rice is a rare delicacy, and tea is not available at all. (Coffee is grown in Santa Barbara, and is moderately expensive but widely drunk.) Local grains are wheat, corn, and barley. You can either ignore this limitation or work with it, up to you.

Note that one of the characters is an experimental chef, hence some of the weirder dishes.

All food mentioned in the book is below the cut-tag; spoilers if you think that’s spoilery.

Jamaica (hibiscus tea)
Manzanita cider
Non-alcoholic punch
Barley water
Cucumber water

Scallion pancakes
Turnip cakes
Crullers dipped in soy milk
Burritos with scrambled eggs, beans, fresh tomatoes, and salsa
Burritos with spicy chicken sausage, eggs, and cheese
Biscuits with mesquite syrup
Chapatis with pomegranate jelly

Chicken liver mousse
Eggplant-goat cheese kimchi
Extra-spicy zucchini-pumpkin kimchi
Cabbage kimchi
Radish kimchi
Shrimp and cabbage kimchi
Corn muffins
Garlic bread
Challah bread
Fry bread drizzled with honey
Blue corn chips
Assorted panchan

Main courses and side dishes
Sweet corn tamales
Refried beans topped with goat cheese crumbles
Braised rabbit sandwiched in fresh-baked buns
Gelled chicken broth cut into strips, coated in flour, and fried. The idea is that they’ll be noodles that are crispy on the outside and liquid on the inside. Good luck with this one; it’s a disaster in the book.
Cactus sautéed with tomatoes and onions
Steamed mussels with chorizo and chilis
Steamed whole fish
Fish dumplings
Noodles with black bean sauce
Pan-fried whole fresh sardines
Kimchi fried noodles
Potato tacos (vegetarian)
Crispy carnitas tacos
Chicken tacos
Fish tacos
Rabbit tacos
Vegetable stew
Fried flounder
Beef brisket
Goat stew with corn tortillas

Apple crumble
Plum buns
Iced cinnamon rolls
Thumbprint cookies. (Shortbread with tart prickly pear jelly)
Lemon meringue pie
Peach pie
Peach dumplings
Fist-sized balls of transparent gelatin with fish and flowers of colored gelatin suspended within. (Post-apocalyptic mochi!)

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